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- Computer Program for Windows Simple Function Generator Uses standard sound hardware of your PC !! FREE !! Windows program implements a very simple function generator using the 16-bit soundblaster card. Runs under windows95. Generates sine, square and triangle wave signals from 1 Hz to 20 kHz. Runs best with Pentium processor. Just download the program by clicking the filename below and run it on your computer. The signal will appear at the output of your soundblaster card. Use for fun or... (Added: 13-Aug-2001 Hits: 211 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

- a multi media software for praise and worship. (Added: 16-Jul-2001 Hits: 39 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

- Smaart: Measure, Analyze, Control Now in its 6th generation, Smaart has proven an indispensable tool in optimizing the interaction between sound systems and the spaces they’re designed to fill, and it can also remotely control an ever-growing list of equalizers and digital signal processors (DSP). (Added: 25-Nov-2007 Hits: 18 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

- Ptolemy Services produces Jade software for monitoring environmental noise. Convert almost any low-cost sound level meter into a data logger using a PC with a standard sound card. (Added: 17-Jul-2001 Hits: 38 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

- - EASE room sound modeling software (Added: 25-Jun-2000 Hits: 51 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It


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